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    Post: Salary ranges?

    Posted by Sunnyseas on 3/09/11

    I am a manager for a medium size company. Our company uses
    a salary range guideline chart that has 3 tiers. There are
    ranges from entry level to senior director listed. When we
    hire experienced candidates for my departent, we target the
    middle of tier 2 for their starting pay. I started at the
    company at a fairly low level and have been promoted
    through the ranks. The salary that I am being paid does not
    even make it on the chart. We'll use generic figures here.
    I make $50,000 and the minimum salary in tier 1 for a
    manager is $55,000.

    Are there any laws with regard to paying people within the
    companies guideline for the position? Or can they basically
    pay me whatever they want?

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