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    Post: Am I a second class citizen?

    Posted by James Smith on 3/10/11

    I am a Fed Gov employee and have a co-worker who about 1
    1/2 years ago stopped talking to me. Won't answer work
    related questions or anything. If I walk into the restroom
    he will leave. If I open the door to the elevators waiting
    area, and he is waiting for an elevator he will leave. He
    is approximatly 6'6", 300 pounds while I'm 5'8" 200 pounds.
    He is intimidating.

    My supervisor was made aware of this and has spoken to him
    several times. I made it clear to the supervisor that I
    have no idea why he won't speak to me, and the sup has not
    revealed the reason to me. At one point, I would have to
    pick up materials from the printer near his desk and he
    would stop working and stare at me while I waited for the
    stuff to finish printing. That has since ceased.

    I want to quit. I feel like a second class citizen. What
    can I do?

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