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    Post: Possible security rule violation?

    Posted by Rara on 5/20/11

    Recently left Dr.X's practice & after about a week, thought
    of some patients I would like to say good bye to since
    we've developed such a good relationship over the 4 years
    I've worked there. Looked some patient's phone numbers up
    in the White pages and called them to say good-bye, and
    that I no longer worked at Dr.X's. Most of them were so
    sad to hear this news, but wished me all the luck in the
    world! One patient ended up being sensitive and was afraid
    I had given her PHI to the new practice, Dr.Y. No such
    thing occurred of course & the call was strictly, "hey it
    was so nice to have known you all this time and I really
    wish you the best of luck. I no longer work at Dr.X's but
    if you're ever in the area come say Hi!" That's the extent
    of the phone call. Are there any legal implications by HHS
    to what I did, like violate HIPAA or the privacy rule in
    any way?

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