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    Post: seasonal employment

    Posted by David on 5/20/11

    I was hired in New York City, for seasonal work in a
    jewelry shop in Alaska (company is based out of New
    Jersey). On March 28th I signed a contract for a 5 month
    period beginning May 1st - Sept 30th. (Paid travel +
    housing) I turned down a couple job offers to take this

    I had a tentative travel date of May 1st, which was changed
    to May 10th, when I was advised there were housing issues.
    The lack of communication is making me nervous. It has been
    10 days since I last heard from my prospective employer, as
    today is May 20th.

    Do I have any legal rights and what would be the steps I
    should take in case;

    1. I do not hear from the company. 2. The company no longer
    wishes to fly me to Alaska.

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