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    Post: Employment lawyer help?

    Posted by krysteena on 9/28/11

    my employer is a adult entertainment website based out of
    the united states. I am a web cam model, my employer has
    set rules that are to be followed by an agreement that all
    models signed. they bending the rules for the top models/
    models that make a higher amount of money from members. Ive
    emailed them and tried to contact them numerous times. this
    is legal website and they have my social security number i
    do not feel safe with that right now. Because they are
    bending rules for other models. what other rules are they
    bending. this is financially hurting me and my paycheck.
    Because other models are getting away with breaking the
    company's rules and policies for (public chat). here are
    the rules please look under (public chat)...

    tried to email the company and get their contact
    information from their ip address. they have continued to
    ignore me and every phone number i can find for the company
    does not work or they do not pick up the phone all there is
    an answering machine. the only way to contact them is by
    email and they don't answer my emails. and they are a
    united states based company and i don't think this is right
    either its like they are hiding behind a wall. and they
    have my social security number.


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