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    Post: Employer not honoring pay rate agreement, and other deals.

    Posted by ThomasJ on 9/08/12

    During the interview process of my current job the owner of
    the company and I agreed upon the following conditions. 1.
    I will be given a trial employment where I will be Judged
    on my skills and work habits.

    2.The First 30 Days of Employment will be based as a 1099
    Contractor at a rate of $14 Dollars for every hour worked.

    3. After 30 Days if they wanted to keep me I would be hired
    as an W2 employee and my pay would increase to $15.

    What happened. I began work on a monday and on friday of
    the first week the co-owner was ready to release me. I was
    able to convince him otherwise and asked to continue my 30
    days as the first week was getting used to their work
    process and other employees. He agreed but dropped my pay
    to $10 and hour for the remaining 3 weeks of the trial

    3 Weeks later I was true to my word and they agreed that I
    would make a valuable addition. I filled out W2 forms and I
    was told we would go back to the original pay agreement the
    start of the next week. The problem is that my pay rate
    only jumped from $10 to $14 instead of $10 to $15 (as
    agreed upon, see #2above) So I worked 3 weeks at 40 hours
    with my pay cut $4 dollars an hour. That's $480 dollars I
    didnt make.

    Since they did keep me after all I thought maybe they would
    give me that income back, perhaps as a sign of good faith
    but no, nothing. I feel like I was taken advantage of, and
    other employees have claimed the same happened to them.

    Also like I said now I am a full time employee and am
    receiving $1 dollar less an hour than agreed. I have
    brought it up once only to never receive an answer, I
    figured I would discuss it at my 90 day review.

    Was it legal for one owner to not honor the agreement the
    original owner and I made?

    Is there anything I can do about receiving the back-pay for
    the last 3 weeks of the first 30 days?

    I've now been employed 60 Days, is there anything I can do
    to receive the back- pay for the additional $1/hr I was not

    Thanks, Thomas

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