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    Re: attorney malpractice

    Posted by kathy burns on 7/20/12

    On 3/11/11, robert oroumieh wrote:
    > i have a very solid patent infringement case against a
    > company. couple of days before the trial , my attorney
    > started to push me in to trying to settle . since the
    > settlement offers were ridiculous , i refused . just before
    > he was to question the defendants; first witness , he told
    > the judge that i had attacked him and he was afraid of his
    > life and wanted out .i was shocked but the judge said to go
    > ahead with the out of town witness anyway. despite having
    > very solid evidence that the witness had lied numerous times
    > during his deposition , to my horror , my attorney did not
    > present ant of our evidence. .next day he e mailed my wife
    > stating he would not present my case properly since he was
    > not paid properly, despite having gotten $10,000 two weeks
    > prior. this caused a mistrial and my beautiful case went
    > down the toilet . ii have appealed courts decision . i need
    > to file a malpractice lawsuit against my former attorney ,
    > but on contingency basis only since i have paid over
    > $300,000 to the former attorney and do not have the cash at
    > this time..

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