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    Post: Can't get refund

    Posted by Dolores B. Bryant on 10/02/11

    On June 3, 2011 I hired Macey,Aleman and Searns to help me
    save my home with a remodification loan,I could not pay in
    full so I made payment arrangements $789.18 would come out
    of my account every month until paid. The first payment was
    taken out of my account on June 17,2011 then on June
    27,2011 I found out I was loosing my job totally so I would
    not be able to make the rest of the payments so I
    immediately called Rosa Morena and told her the situation
    she informed me to send them a fax and they would refund my
    money back. I faxed the cancellation letter but heard
    nothing. After a couple of days I called to find out what
    the situation was and got the run around. For the next
    couple of days I called. I was kept on hold for long
    periods of time then I would be disconnected, I was
    transferred to none working voice mails, several times my
    number was taken with the promise of someone calling me
    within a few minutes which didn't happen. Long story short
    after calling and calling and then finally threatening to
    obtain a lawyer I started getting emails from a Mr. Brent
    Carlson stating that they did not owe me a refund and they
    were not going to pay me anything.I continued to email him
    asking him to please give me my money back.He emailed me
    saying there was no refund. I told him I was going to seek
    legal action. His next email said as certicy they would
    give me some % of the refund which was $191. which was
    posted to my account in 2 days as he said , I am still
    trying to get the balance but there is no response from my
    emails and my calls again are not being answered.

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