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    Post: OOP out of Spite 1 week before Christmas

    Posted by Julie Kopielski on 12/02/11

    I have been trying to get through this out of Kane County
    Judge Pilmer. My Ex husband took an OOP out on me his
    current wife has family in the Sheriff Dept. So it was all
    ok. After the Holidays It turned out I was not a threat, Yet
    Judge Pilmer put on a OOP for 2013 + the reg one for 2012
    Also added
    to the record I was not in court on January 6, 2011. I wrote
    Motions to clear this up and was denied. My 2 yr IDES is
    exhausted I have been Denied or not called for Jobs in 2yrs
    since my previous employer outsourced to India. There is a
    Conflict of Interest as well as Ethics. I did nothing wrong
    and this man owes 40K to me? I did not yell or haunt him. I
    have no Holidays in 3yrs w/ my kids after he bribed DCFS
    when he took out a 38K equity line of credit against my
    house 5 months after our divorce in 2005 causing a
    Foreclosure. Still Judge Pilmer Does not see the Light! I
    cannot talk to my daughter for 2 weeks my sons steal 7K
    diamond rings DVDs etc... Most importantly I need a job!

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