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    Post: Lawyer Misconduct / Legal Malpractice???

    Posted by Jordan on 3/22/12

    If an attorney has openly tried for several years to buy
    from me, a piece of commercial property which I inherited,
    and then after not being able to make the purchase of this
    property on his terms and price, has filed a suit against
    me and lis pendins on the property in the representation of
    another party in effort to have a closed estate reopened ,
    and has openly stated that his only interest is to acquire
    the aforementioned property, would this represent lawyer
    misconduct, and would this attorney have any civil
    liability as to lost revenue, property taxes, etc. of the
    property during the time that the property has been
    rendered innate for several years now due to the lis
    pendens executed by this attorney, and yes, probate of
    the estate was completed and closed for well over a year
    before this attorney filed anything in any court, does
    anyone have any suggestions? This is a financialy Fatiguing
    ordeal, but I guess that's the point of this strategy, if
    this attorney can't buy the property cheaply, I guess he
    can use his resources and take it virtually for free, am I

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