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    Post: saving certificate

    Posted by may nicol and james nicol on 3/05/13

    my mother-in-law bought a savings certificate for $3000
    dollars, on dec 14 1981.. the acct number is 09-3673-19 and
    it has never been cashed out?? she passed away several yrs
    ago and i just found it among her things. my husband is
    also named as the sole survivor and he also has passed 2
    yrs ago. so just trying desperatly to solve this
    certificate before i go ? it should be worth quite a sum by
    now? ive tried several times to find an answer to no
    avail?? something seems very fishy here to me. so please
    could you send me back an email as to whats gone one with
    this savings certificate?? account # is o9-3673-19 was
    bought in december-14 1981... for 3000.00... so i need to
    cash it in as im not getting any younger? thanks for any
    help you can find for me... betty l nicol @ hope its good?????

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