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    Post: child mental and emtional cruelty and abuse

    Posted by Robin LaDuke on 2/27/09

    Is there any one who cares enough to save this child?

    What do you do to protect a child when everyone knows and
    believe he is being harmed, not as much physically as
    emotionally and mentally; although the physical harm is
    escalating? This child is 11 years of age, because there
    are no bruises on the child children services will not get
    involved; actually we don’t know whether or not there are
    bruises, CSD cannot even check. This child has been living
    with his adoptive family since he was five. They adopted
    him when he was six. This child has been moved to five
    different schools to date, in the same small town, the
    parents were divorced about three years after the
    adoption, due to the fact the mother had an affair with
    her co-worker and then proceeded to move in with this man
    with the adoptive child when he was eight. This child is
    treated with extreme cruelty, the adopted father has
    stated this fact and the two parents continuously fought
    about how cruel the mother was to this adoptive child,
    however he did nothing to stop it and when they divorced
    he just bailed and abandoned the boys, for the most part.
    So far there have been reports of this abuse by his sister
    his adoptive father and his biological mother. Still
    Children service say there is nothing they can do.
    This child sleeps and hides out in a 2x4 ft closet because
    after having every bit of his security taken away from him
    it is the only place he feels safe. The last resort for
    him was when they took his kitty, that he had sleep with
    for over a year, away from him. The mother has ridiculed
    the boy for going into his closet and grounds him for this
    now. This child is ridiculed on a daily basis and grounded
    at least 80% of the time. This child has been told to go
    to the school counselor, which he did, the counselor felt
    that his “professional opinion” was that this child is not
    in any “emanate harm”. So nothing was done.
    Everyone admits this child is being treated so wrong but
    every one says there is nothing that can be done unless
    there are bruises. There are so many more bruises in this
    child that do not show.
    This child has stated many times he is scared of this
    mother and he thinks he will loose his mind if he has to
    stay there. Because this child is not saying the right
    words, and he is petrified of not only his adopted mother
    there is a 14 year old biological child that is even
    crueler to him if that is at all possible. His normal
    comments to this boy are “just your presents makes my skin
    crawl”. There are four things I believe will happen very
    soon, the mother is increasingly loosing her cool and
    truly harming him in complete anger, she us now hitting
    him in the face. This boy is going to loose complete
    control, only with the mother and the 14 year old son. Or
    he his going to commit suicide, or fall into complete
    despair because he is unable to say the right words to get
    the right help because he is scared.
    This is happening small town of 10,000 people in Central
    Is there any one who cares enough to save this child?
    Please contact me if you can help
    Robin LaDuke 2-26-09

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