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    Post: my grandson is being mentaly abused

    Posted by Cheryl Drumheller on 1/22/10

    My son is divorced and his ex-wife and him have joint
    custody. My ex-daughter in law is a sociopath in the UMPH
    degree. She took my once happy go lucky son and made him
    an angry person. My grandaughter wants to live full time
    with her mother and my grandson wants to live with his
    dad. Brenda only wants the kids so she can have child
    support. She says she wants what the kids want but when
    Cody told her that he wanted to live with his dad she went
    crazy and told him that he "Cody" was worthless and a no
    good bum (he's only 14 yrs old) she said that she would
    make his life miserable if he wants to live with his dad.
    I know for a fact that she threatens the kids all of the
    time! Calls them names etc. When they are with her and
    they see us they are not allowed to come and talk to us
    and if they do she is giving them the evil eye and I am
    sure they get what for when they get home. My son loves
    his children above all else and he truley wants whatever
    they want. He asked Triata if she wanted to live more with
    her mom and she said that she did. He told her that was
    fine and she could come any time she wanted to his house.
    Why doesn't their mother be as fair? What can we do to
    help Cody out. He is becoming very angry.

    Cheryl Drumheller

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