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    Re: CPS

    Posted by Richard Taylor on 1/24/09

    On 10/18/08, Erick wrote:
    > On 9/24/08, queenbee wrote:
    >> On 7/18/08, Ashley wrote:
    >>> On 6/13/08, MISHA wrote:
    >>>> CPS took my children. I agreed to services as I was
    >>>> threatened that if I didn't agree I wouldn't see my
    >>>> children for months. CPS worker made false statements on
    >>>> the stand and made up injuries that don't exist. I just
    >>>> now obtained an ER report (2 months later) that proves
    >>>> caseworker made up injuries. Do I have any recourse
    >>>> though I agreed to services already? If I would have seen
    >>>> the reports before my hearing I would have never agreed
    >>>> and my children would be home. Even my own lawyer didn't
    >>>> seek medical reports. By the way all the court hearings
    >>>> happened within one week of my children being taken.
    >>> I am so sorry. CPS did the same thing to us, last Wednesday.
    >>> First off, your lawyer was legally supposed to have all the
    >>> reports that CPS made, everything that they were going to use
    >>> againced you. However since it was within the first week of
    >>> the children's removal from the home, he may have got it the
    >>> day of court. Their should be a trial, if it hasn't occurred
    >>> already. First things first about trial. You need to get
    >>> yourself educated about your rights as a parent. Your Lawyer,
    >>> if he didn't seek medical reports, thats a sure sign that it
    >>> might not turn out real well, our lawyer did the same thing to
    >>> us. Get your self educated raise a stink about it everywhere.
    >>> Call the news stations, call your state governor call the
    >>> head office of CPS. Find out who filed the original report to
    >>> CPS. Get a lot of affidavits. Get people who see you interact
    >>> with your children on a regular basis, and have them testify
    >>> for you. You have visitation rights, if they haven't given
    >>> them to you yet. Have your children testify. Sue CPS, or
    >>> threaten too. Write a letter of grief. Make it perfectly clear
    >>> that your not as daft as they take you. CPS, they're one of
    >>> the cruelest people out there, even if they know what they're
    >>> doing is wrong, they'll still do it. because they need a job.
    >>> It's a witch hunt for them. The more people you have on your
    >>> side, screw CPS, you'll have this covered.
    >>> I'm afraid to say you won't be able to get out of the services
    >>> without order of the judge. Which your lawyer can request.
    >>> I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It's not fair,
    >>> you'll be kept in my prayers. Take care, and God bless you and
    >>> your children.
    >> How do you find out who called? They keep telling me we can't
    >> confirm or deny, everytime I say who it was...We know who it
    > was
    >> and it was out of malice. Thanks!
    > My siblings were detained and i believe that a big reason was
    > because of what was written in the petition to have them
    > detained by CPS, can I take legal action, possibly, sue the CPS
    > worker and the counselor who provided the false information? My
    > siblings want to come back home, does that not matter in
    > determining what their custody status is to be?

    Follow this to a "T" and rescind your signature on everything you
    ever signed.Submit this to the courts as soon as possible and get
    your kids back.


    State of Your State
    County of Your County

    BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared
    Firstname Lastname, who, having been first duly sworn by me,
    deposes and says that:

    Delete all this text from "1." down to "FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH
    NAUGHT" and replace all this with YOUR STORY.

    1. I, Firstname Lastname hereby state that on Month Day, Year, Ms.
    Case Worker of CPS came to my front door and told me "there had
    been a report". She said that she wanted to "help me get this
    cleared up".

    2. I thought this OBVIOUSLY was a mistake and I felt I had nothing
    to hide, so I LET HER IN MY HOUSE and TALKED with her, being
    unaware of my Constitutional Rights (or in spite of my assertion
    of them). Right here is where being ignorant of your
    Constitutional Rights or not asserting them has already shot you
    in the foot. Several important court cases have decided FOR the
    citizen here and Here. But family courts routinely do not care.

    3. Ms. Case Worker immediately started walking though my house
    looking in my cupboards, pantry, the refrigerator, closets,
    bathroom, and every room in my house.

    4. Ms. Case Worker left and returned a couple hours later with two
    policemen and snatched my child(ren) and said this was (whatever
    she accuses you of)

    5. Detail what happened after that.

    AND THAT IS HOW YOU WRITE AN AFFIDAVIT- The truth, the dates, the
    facts, the names. Spend a LOT of time writing this WELL (with
    spelling and grammar correct) and editing it down to hard-hitting
    FACTS. This is NOT a letter to Aunt Martha or a "text message" to
    your online pals.

    Do NOT admit to anything.
    Do NOT agree with anything the CPS worker said.

    Stick it in and TWIST IT with the Social Worker's COLOR OF LAW
    CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS by getting you to let her into your house
    without a search warrant and talking with her without knowing
    about your Fifth Amendment Right against self-incrimination (And
    your Miranda Rights) and how FRAUDULENT, MENDACIOUS, and under-
    handed she had been in FABRICATING a FALSE ALLEGATION from a
    BOGUS "report".

    The CPS worker is certainly not likely to say anything good about
    you in HER Affidavit to the court. It will most likely be nothing
    but Maledicency (evil speaking). She is NOT an "investigator",
    she is a Validator. She is not being paid to be "fair"
    or "honest". This is the "*lie of omission". Even if she
    had "good" things to say to you to your face or over the phone, it
    isn't likely to appear in HER Affidavit. Anything "good" would go
    in the other column of the "Preponderance". They couldn't have
    that, could they?

    *The Lie of Omission:

    A lie of omission is to remain silent when ethical behavior calls
    for one to speak up. A lie of omission is a method of deception
    and duplicity that uses the technique of simply remaining silent
    when speaking the truth would significantly alter the other
    person's (the judge's) capacity to make an informed decision.
    Keep it to FACTS, dates, and names. Leave the emotional parts out.

    **New June 5, 2008

    Based on recent new court decisions and LAW we have become aware
    of, we are SUGGESTING you might think about adding:

    My children have been wrongfully and unlawfully removed from my
    physical custody without Constitutional DUE PROCESS, or even the
    pretext of Reasonable Efforts having been offered AS MANDATED BY
    42 U.S.C. § 671 (a) (15) and 672 (a) (1), which removal meets the
    definition of KIDNAPPING according to18 USC Sec.1203 and are being

    " order to compel a third person .... to do or abstain from
    doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release
    of the person detained, or attempts or conspires to do so..."

    My CPS worker, (name here) coerced me into signing a "voluntary"
    Service Plan, which I had no part or input in creating. The CPS
    worker, (name here) threatened me that if I did not sign
    the "voluntary" service plan that my children would be TPR'ed.
    Which according to Amanda C., by and through Gary Richmond,
    natural parent and next friend, appellee, v. Kelly Case,
    appellant.__N.W.2d__ Filed May 23, 2008. No. S-06-1097 is
    unauthorized practice of law and acting under the color of law.

    Additionally, in the opinion of Judge Stephen Limbaugh Jr. in the
    majority Opinion of the Supreme Court of Missouri In the Interest
    of: P.L.O. and S.K.O., minor children. SC85120 3/30/2004

    "The mother voluntarily consented to the court's jurisdiction over
    her children, voluntarily transferred their custody to the
    division and never challenged the circumstances of their removal.
    Accordingly, she cannot now challenge whether an 'emergency'
    existed to justify removal of the children under (the statute in
    question) and this court need not address such a challenge."

    I am therefore establishing ON THE RECORD that I strongly
    challenge that an emergency existed to remove my children, and
    most certainly do withdraw my "voluntary" surrender of the custody
    of my children.

    in Smith et al. v. Williams-Ash No. 06-4638, Decided and Filed:
    March 26, 2008 said-

    We do not doubt that the Smiths, as any parents likely would,
    resented the safety plan from the beginning. But mere displeasure
    and frustration fails to negate their consent. Rather than remind
    Williams-Ash of what she already knew—that they disliked the plan—
    the Smiths needed to explicitly withdraw the consent they
    explicitly gave, thus requiring Children’s Services to either
    return the children or file a formal complaint against them. In
    light of their admitted failure to do so, the Smiths were not
    entitled to a hearing.

    For this reason, I hereby rescind any and all signatures
    to "voluntary" service plans or any other "agreement". Such
    signature were obtained through duress, threat, and coercion. I
    had no way of knowing the long-range ramifications of doing so and
    now explicitly withdraw any consent I explicitly gave.

    Therefore, I am requiring Children’s Services to either return the
    children to my physical custody or file a formal complaint against

    Be aware that this document may cause CPS to offer you severe,
    sickening threats, and they may attempt to follow through trying
    to make the WORST happen to you. It is called Terrorism.
    But, they were probably about 50% likely to have done so anyway-
    especially if your children are young, cute, and ADOPTABLE. Yes,
    we do live in a really sucky society.

    You have, at the very minimum, gotten THE TRUTH ON THE RECORD, and
    removed hazards to an appeal to a higher court.

    YOU are the only one who can decide whether to stand up like you
    live in

    Lay down like a Taliban woman and let them beat on you until they
    are happy.

    When you are finished, you get it REALLY NOTARIZED, make a bunch
    POLICE DEPT, and EVERYONE ELSE that thinks they had any business
    forcing the great big nose of government into your family.

    Your Sworn Affidavit when FILED is your GLADIATOR and it will keep
    fighting for you for YEARS.

    Delete all this text from "1." down to "FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH
    NAUGHT" (except New June 5, 2008 info, if it applies and IF YOU
    CHOOSE TO USE IT) and replace all this with YOUR STORY.


    (You sign it here)

    The foregoing instrument was acknowledged by me this

    ______day of _____________, 20 ____
    who is/are personally known by me or who has/have produced:

    ______________________________________ as identification and who
    did take an oath.

    ________________________________ (SEAL)
    Notary Public
    State of
    My Commission Expires:

    DO NOT forget to create the Certificate of Service! If you forget
    this, they will toss it out!
    .htm / bin / FORMS / sworn_affidavit.html

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