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    Re: CPS

    Posted by Anna on 11/04/08

    On 7/18/08, Ashley wrote:
    > On 6/13/08, MISHA wrote:
    >> CPS took my children. I agreed to services as I was
    >> threatened that if I didn't agree I wouldn't see my
    >> children for months. CPS worker made false statements on
    >> the stand and made up injuries that don't exist. I just
    >> now obtained an ER report (2 months later) that proves
    >> caseworker made up injuries. Do I have any recourse
    >> though I agreed to services already? If I would have seen
    >> the reports before my hearing I would have never agreed
    >> and my children would be home. Even my own lawyer didn't
    >> seek medical reports. By the way all the court hearings
    >> happened within one week of my children being taken.
    > I am so sorry. CPS did the same thing to us, last Wednesday.
    > First off, your lawyer was legally supposed to have all the
    > reports that CPS made, everything that they were going to use
    > againced you. However since it was within the first week of
    > the children's removal from the home, he may have got it the
    > day of court. Their should be a trial, if it hasn't occurred
    > already. First things first about trial. You need to get
    > yourself educated about your rights as a parent. Your Lawyer,
    > if he didn't seek medical reports, thats a sure sign that it
    > might not turn out real well, our lawyer did the same thing
    > us. Get your self educated raise a stink about it everywhere.
    > Call the news stations, call your state governor call the
    > head office of CPS. Find out who filed the original report to
    > CPS. Get a lot of affidavits. Get people who see you
    > with your children on a regular basis, and have them testify
    > for you. You have visitation rights, if they haven't given
    > them to you yet. Have your children testify. Sue CPS, or
    > threaten too. Write a letter of grief. Make it perfectly
    > that your not as daft as they take you. CPS, they're one of
    > the cruelest people out there, even if they know what they're
    > doing is wrong, they'll still do it. because they need a job.
    > It's a witch hunt for them. The more people you have on your
    > side, screw CPS, you'll have this covered.
    > I'm afraid to say you won't be able to get out of the
    > without order of the judge. Which your lawyer can request.
    > I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It's not fair,
    > you'll be kept in my prayers. Take care, and God bless you
    > your children.

    I agreed, the CPS only separates families. These kids are
    placed out of blood families and into other familes that far
    off either physically, verbally, and even sexually abuse them.
    Fight for your kids, I know they make up things, they do not
    help you

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