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    Re: CPS

    Posted by Debra Braxton on 11/19/08

    On 11/04/08, Anna wrote:
    > On 7/18/08, Ashley wrote:
    >> On 6/13/08, MISHA wrote:
    >>> CPS took my children. I agreed to services as I was
    >>> threatened that if I didn't agree I wouldn't see my
    >>> children for months. CPS worker made false statements on
    >>> the stand and made up injuries that don't exist. I just
    >>> now obtained an ER report (2 months later) that proves
    >>> caseworker made up injuries. Do I have any recourse
    >>> though I agreed to services already? If I would have seen
    >>> the reports before my hearing I would have never agreed
    >>> and my children would be home. Even my own lawyer didn't
    >>> seek medical reports. By the way all the court hearings
    >>> happened within one week of my children being taken.
    >> I am so sorry. CPS did the same thing to us, last Wednesday.
    >> First off, your lawyer was legally supposed to have all the
    >> reports that CPS made, everything that they were going to use
    >> againced you. However since it was within the first week of
    >> the children's removal from the home, he may have got it the
    >> day of court. Their should be a trial, if it hasn't occurred
    >> already. First things first about trial. You need to get
    >> yourself educated about your rights as a parent. Your Lawyer,
    >> if he didn't seek medical reports, thats a sure sign that it
    >> might not turn out real well, our lawyer did the same thing
    > to
    >> us. Get your self educated raise a stink about it everywhere.
    >> Call the news stations, call your state governor call the
    >> head office of CPS. Find out who filed the original report to
    >> CPS. Get a lot of affidavits. Get people who see you
    > interact
    >> with your children on a regular basis, and have them testify
    >> for you. You have visitation rights, if they haven't given
    >> them to you yet. Have your children testify. Sue CPS, or
    >> threaten too. Write a letter of grief. Make it perfectly
    > clear
    >> that your not as daft as they take you. CPS, they're one of
    >> the cruelest people out there, even if they know what they're
    >> doing is wrong, they'll still do it. because they need a job.
    >> It's a witch hunt for them. The more people you have on your
    >> side, screw CPS, you'll have this covered.
    >> I'm afraid to say you won't be able to get out of the
    > services
    >> without order of the judge. Which your lawyer can request.
    >> I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It's not fair,
    >> you'll be kept in my prayers. Take care, and God bless you
    > and
    >> your children.
    > I agreed, the CPS only separates families. These kids are
    > placed out of blood families and into other familes that far
    > off either physically, verbally, and even sexually abuse them.
    > Fight for your kids, I know they make up things, they do not
    > help you

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