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    Re: CPS in Denver, CO.

    Posted by Denise on 8/15/11

    Denver county Juvenile court magistrate M. Gilbert, permanently placed our
    son, who has non verbal Autism, SID( sensory integration disorder), among
    other Autism related disorders, into a loud, chaotic, crowded, unloving and
    understaffed group home simply because he missed some school two years
    ago. He's been away from his loving home and parents for 15 months and
    now permanently placed out of home in a group home who is also drugging
    him unnecessarily with an antipsychotic drug he does not need to be on! 
     We have one short visit a week and that is an unfathomable injustice. He
    needs to be home permanently!

    This is an OUTRAGE! 
    He belongs at home where he receives the most love, care and affection any
    child could ever receive as well as a safe, peaceful home environment where
    he has all his special needs met, like augmentative speech therapy for
    example, as well as his basic needs. Where he has his OWN BEDROOM
    and all of his belongings.
    Such as all the things he loves in the world, his TV/VCR and movies, his
    catalogs, magazines, books, toys, swing, etc.

    Please spread this OUTRAGEOUS judgement made by DDHS and the
    Magistrate, who in fact did not give us a fair hearing and would not let his
    own mother speak her side before ruling with the Department of human

    They have ALL done the most extreme injustice to our family but especially
    to our sweet, innocent, boy who longs to be home with us, his loving, caring
    mother and aunt.

    Thank you for your help in advance in getting our boy home where he


    Denise and Donna Whisler
    For Christopher as we ARE HIS VOICE.

    Please help us get our story out. 
    Thank you!

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