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    Post: Subpoena vs Childs Sake

    Posted by eele on 3/01/11

    In a criminal case where as a minor was sexually abused by
    the biological father, a prosecutor was assigned, within
    less than 3 months before trial wants to talk to the child
    and mother to cooperate with what will happen within the
    trial. Child been through all procedure as assigned by
    counselor, CPS and did well. Child understands that going
    to court before her father has to tell THE story where the
    child is very very uncomfortable and not willing to go
    through. Prosecutor was informed of the child’s feelings,
    and then both mother and child were served subpoena ad
    The child knows how the child feels, is there a respect for
    that vs a subpoena?
    As a mother myself, my concerns are major in this
    particular case for the child’s welfare and I would do
    anything to protect my child from being in that court
    room. Is there a law that would override that subpoena in
    regards of the child’s sake? Are there rights for the
    mother to protect the child from having this to happen vs a
    The prosecutor focus, is to win the case of course, can use
    the evidence whatever it is/are but what about the
    aftermath of being in that court room for the child if it
    so happens, then WHAT? More counseling’s! Why put the
    child through all that when it can be avoided? What and
    how will this child’s future be like when at adult?
    Subpoena vs Childs Sake

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