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    Post: child support

    Posted by Heather on 3/23/11

    i had my son a little over a month ago and the father
    walked out of the hospital and left me 2 days before our
    son was born. now he is tryin to say that my son isnt his.
    i want him to have to pay child support and face his
    responsiblity but i am scared ffor him to have visitation.
    he is back with his ex whom he also has 2 children with.
    his girlfriend has also harressed me and made ugly comments
    about my son many times. it is a very unstable
    relationship, they fight all the time in front of there own
    children and she hits him. he has also moved 4 times in the
    past 10months. im not sure how to go about this. how do i
    recieve child support for my son but protect him at the

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