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    Post: unwed mother takes child from abusive father

    Posted by bart on 3/29/11

    My girlfriend has a fight on her hands. She and her eleven
    yr old son have recently came into my life and now the
    father of her son is, pushing to get his son away from her.
    They live in two different states he is in washington and
    her in oregon. She has told me about his abusive lifestyle
    against her and out of fear for her life she moved to
    oregon. Now as she tells me his name is not on the
    birthcertificate and not listed as being the father of her
    child. He has been in and out of prison for multiple
    charges. Now he has found some roomies that are lawyers in
    washington and seeks to have all rights given to him, I've
    researched washington state law and until he has paternity
    test taken he has no rights, so my question would be, other
    than to immediately seek a lawyer, which was my first
    suggestion, what can she do? He doesn't have any contact
    info on him and vice versa he has no contact info on her,
    and I've read that since she lives out of state that he
    would have to file in the state of oregon. Any help y'all
    can give would help us out greatly thank you.

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