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    Post: what to do?

    Posted by marie on 8/16/11

    I have twin daughters that are four yrs old there dad was in
    there life when we were together. Now that we are seperated
    and i have a boyfriend he does not call or ask to see the
    girls. His sister and mom asked to see the girls so i let
    them sleep over for the weekend. When my mom had picked them
    up my daughters had told her that they had slept in bed with
    there dad and there girlfriend i was very upset by this.
    There dad refuses to talk to me so i decided that until he
    talks to me and co parents with me i will not be bringing
    the girls there. Am i wrong for doing this. I just feel very
    uncomfortable with his girlfriend sleeping with my daughters
    when she is not there mom and she had just met them.

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