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    Post: single mom in CA

    Posted by anonymous on 11/09/11

    The father of my child & I live in different states. I got
    pregnant while living together, but left him for numerous
    reasons soon after finding out & went back home to be with
    family in my time of need. We are very open in
    communicating about our child and he came for the birth and
    signed the declaration of paternity as well as the birth

    Before pregnancy, I had expressed desires to move back to
    another state for several reasons including the educational
    standards for the best options for my child(ren). I kept an
    open conversation on the topic and still currently do,
    however now he is unwilling to agree anymore. He insists I
    move back with him and is looking for a lawyer now.

    We haven't gone through court for custody, but I am not
    trying to keep him from his child. I have always told him
    that he may visit as often as he'd like or if he provides
    the airfare, we can come out there until our child is old
    enough to visit on his own. That would not change no matter
    where I'd be.

    I want to move because I'd be more financially stable there
    and the educational system is better. The move has been
    carefully thought out for my children's best interest as
    well as my own. The father is unemployed and although he
    does help out when he can with diapers & assorted needs, he
    can't provide anything on a regular basis so it is vital
    for me to get on my feet and I cannot do that here.

    My question is what rights does a single mother have to
    move to another state (when the father is already in a
    completely different state) when nothing has been
    established in court yet? Do I need to get a lawyer too?

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