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    Post: Tips for Finding the Right Attorney

    Posted by Scott Morgan on 3/13/13

    Here are my three best tips for finding the right divorce
    lawyer for your case:

    Tip #1 - Get someone who is experienced in family law,
    ideally a board certified specialist. You don't want to be
    paying someone who is essentially getting on the job

    Tip #2 - Hire someone who has a plan. You are likely to be
    an emotional wreck. You need guidance from someone who has
    a plan and will work on getting you to a positive end

    Tip #3 - Go with your instincts. If your gut tells you that
    you just don't like the person, move on to the next
    attorney. Often people hire a "bulldog" lawyer because they
    think that they need someone aggressive. Then they find out
    that bulldogs can turn on you and become aggressive towards
    you also.

    Houston Divorce Lawyer

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