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    Post: My children

    Posted by Karen on 3/19/13

    I had to get out of a bad situation with an alcholic, drug
    user, with a severe anger problem. I have two children with
    this freak. I needed to get my life in order and get a job,
    i went to a trucking school and had to go over the road to
    get some experience so the kids were staying with their
    father while i did this. While at school, i met someone. I
    told my children that i would be back for them, this was
    something i had to do to get my life together and stand on
    my own two feet. I was never married to this freak but he
    wont give me my children. The children are afraid of their
    father and they see the alcohol & drugs. They want to come
    and live with me where they are safe. I have quit trucking
    and got a job driving bus so i can be available to the
    children. I believe paternity has been established but i
    was not married to the freak. I have seen my kids every
    opportunity i get, i may not live at that residence but the
    only person I left was the freak. I was gone apprx, 1 year
    to accomplish setting up my life, now I need my kids. Where
    do I stand, this guy has two other kids, one he doesnt know
    and one from prior marriage that he left and his divorce
    decree stated Anger management & Parenting classes with no
    visitation until completed. He was supposed to see his
    daughter after 6 years and goes to jail for DUI and
    impounded company vehicle for 10 days (no license)...I took
    care of his daughter on her visit from out of state. He has
    other issues within the court system. My friends tell me it
    will go my way and i will get my children. I am a good
    mother who had to figure her way out of a bad situation and
    is now in a position to help my children. Do i have a
    chance? Please help me.

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