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    Post: Temporary change of proprietorship

    Posted by Jay on 12/04/13

    My children were allowed to move out of state temporarily
    for a max of 1.5 yrs. by me (Big Mistake) on the
    stipulation they would be home by now. The Mother has
    backed out on agreement and the children are mentally
    spent, want to come home. Girls ages 10 and 6.
    Communication is purposely being hindered by their Mother
    and the kids cannot express themselves without their Mother
    breathing down their neck. Oldest child feels trapped, has
    no way out and hates her life. There are other issues such
    as questionable safety standards committed by her new
    spouse such as spankings, doing donuts in his car with kids
    in it, mentally abusing my oldest daughter, and since he
    works nights he sleeps all day while my kids roam the house
    and while their mother is at work. Can A judge within the
    parameters of the law temporarily change proprietorship
    based on this? This is also

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