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    Post: Non-custodial terminate parental rights NY

    Posted by Jessica on 8/03/14

    Okay! October of 2011 my ex-husband won a full custody of
    our child. I just found he remarried a year ago today. I
    haven't seen or spoken to my child. I'm paying child
    support as well. I willing to give up my parental rights, I
    have suffer enough going back fourth with my ex about my
    child. If I give up my rights and his new wife are willing
    to adopt my child. Do I still have to pay child support,
    also can my ex husband object my request. I might as well
    be outta there lives. P.S. my daughter lawyer said in court
    in Oct. 2011 She doesn't love me, she's has nightmare about
    me in the worst way.. You think I could win this case?
    Please help.. Thank you

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