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    Post: Divorce Process Step By Step

    Posted by Boyd Law on 7/15/16

    Here is a break down of the general steps that make up a
    typical divorce process:

    1. Divorce Petition - A divorce begins with a divorce
    petition. The divorce petition is written up by the spouse
    seeking the divorce or their divorce attorney.

    2. The Serving of the Divorce Petition - The divorce
    petition is served to the other spouse. If both the spouses
    agree upon the divorce, the spouse that has been served the
    divorce petition only needs to sign an acknowledgement
    proving they were indeed served the divorce petition. If
    the spouse being served the divorce petition does not agree
    upon the divorce or if they are hard to find, the spouse
    serving the petition may need to hire a professional
    divorce petition server to locate and serve the petition to
    the other spouse.

    3. Response to Divorce Petition - The spouse who has been
    served the divorce petition is known as the "respondent".
    While it's not required, upon being served the divorce
    petition, the respondent can file a response to the divorce
    petition stating that they agree upon the divorce. Filing
    this response will speed up the divorce process and give it
    a better chance of proceeding with a minimum amount of

    4. Final Steps of Divorce Process - Before the divorce
    process can be finalized both spouses involved are legally
    obligated to disclose all information regarding their
    assets, liabilities, income and expenses. In the event of
    an uncontested divorce that consists of two spouses that
    agree upon the terms of the divorce, only a small amount of
    final paperwork is required before the finalization of the
    divorce. However, if there are disputes that cannot be
    resolved outside of court, future court hearings and even a
    full length trial maybe required which will result in a
    significant more amount of time before the divorce can be

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