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    Post: my ex boyfriend is threatening to take our kids from me

    Posted by Ami on 8/14/16

    my ex boyfriend and I have 2 kids, daughter is 8 1/2 and
    son is 5. I have always been the primary caregiver, even
    when we loved together. he cheated on me and kicked me and
    our daughter and my other daughter from different bf out of
    our home when i was 6 months pregnant! the kids have always
    lived with me. all of the sudden he threatened to take them
    from me, he said i am unfit and a poor role model. because
    i have clinical depression. i was diagnosed at 17, i am now
    40! i do not nor have i ever abused my medication and i see
    my Dr regularly! i have NEVER neglected or abused my kids
    in ANY way! they go to school from my address, go to the
    same sitter for 3 yrs in my area, i enroll them in school
    and attend ALL school activity. he has NEVER even come to
    parent/teacher meetings. I take them to the Dr for yearly
    checks and when they are ill, he has NEVER come. i take
    them to dental checks every 6 months and when needed. he
    has NEVER come. i make sure he has all dates , times and
    addresses and leave it up to him to show or not. both my
    kids play soccer, i take to practice and games, daughter in
    girl scouts I take her to meetings. i bath them, feed them,
    clothe them, read them books, taught them to tie their
    shoes! they are both very smart and are doing great in
    school! they have a close relationship with their
    grandparents (my parents) and they see their older sister
    and nephew almost every day! there is NO legal established
    paternity, his name is on the birth certificates. he has no
    reason to take my kids away! i have never denied him seeing
    the kids. when they ask to call him, i let them! my
    question is, can he really take them away and get sole

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