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    Post: H1B has work status changed from employee to contractor

    Posted by OE on 9/20/11

    A friend with a highly specialized science job has an H1B.
    From what I can tell, that person was just paid out their
    vacation pay, and told they would now be paid once a month
    (instead of twice monthly), would not have taxes taken out
    of their salary, and would not have a formal vacation

    In other words, it seems pretty clear that the employer has
    switched this person from an employee to an independent
    contractor, while keeping all the job requirements EXACTLY
    the same.

    This seems like an obvious California Labor Code violation
    to me. But that's not what I'm concerned about. I'm more
    concerned about the H1B issue. Because this person is
    technically no longer employed by their old employer, are
    they still legally working here? What is the best strategy

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