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    Post: H1B for Independant Contractor

    Posted by learnerdentist on 4/14/12

    Hello forum,

    I am graduating in May from a New York Dental school after
    doing dentistry DDS. I found a dentist who is willing to
    hire me as a dentist in his practice ONLY as a CONTRACTOR
    and NOT as an Emplyee. He is comfortable to sign in all the
    paper work that may be required for applying for H1B and
    Green Card.  The practice where I will work has been there
    since last 20+ years and he is a dentist too. The whole
    practice has a gross revenue of 2Million USD. 

    My concern is: Can he actually sponsor me for an H1B and
    Green Card, even when he calls me the contractor in the
    service agreement? (Although I work like an employee, 40
    hours a week, and he lets me use all his instruments, staff
    and practice and what not?)

    Would it be legal and would there be any problem while H1B
    or Green Card is sponsored when i am working as a

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