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    Re: copywrites vs trademarks

    Posted by D. Alexander Floum,, on 5/01/02


    Copyright and trademark are different doctrines. Copyright
    protects expression of ideas, whereas trademark protects
    against confusion as to the source of the goods or services.

    Several factors would need to be analyzed in your situation
    to see if your use of the characters would constitute
    copyright infringement, such as the prominence of the
    characters in the copyrighted book.

    I am an intellectual property attorney and law school
    professor. You can see my bio at

    On 3/30/02, Dennis wrote:
    > If a copywrite for a book is filed first, then someone else
    > gets a trademark for the same characters to make books,
    > toys and other goods, is that legal or can the be sued? I
    > need to know as soon as possible. Thank you

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