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    Re: WCSL Bar Pass Rate actually dismall

    Posted by correction on 1/27/09

    Oops it should be # passed # takers in that order

    On 1/27/09, Pass Rates since 1997 wrote:
    > Pass Rates in DL since 1997
    > All Takers # Takers # Passed &37; Passed
    > WCSL 6 28 21.43&37;
    > Concord 204 643 31.73&37;
    > Abraham Lincoln 57 524 10.88&37;
    > NWCU 61 333 18.32&37;
    > Taft 131 635 20.63&37;
    > First Timers # Takers # Passed &37; Passed
    > WCSL 3 15 20.00&37;
    > Concord 169 417 40.53&37;
    > Abraham Lincoln 26 175 14.86&37;
    > NWCU 34 145 23.45&37;
    > Taft 65 252 25.79&37;
    > WCSL does not have enough data to really compare, but ranks 2nd
    > to Concord among this group in all takers, and 2nd to last in
    > first timers among this group. Abraham Lincoln is dismal among
    > the group with only 10.88&37; passing among all 524 takers!
    > Concord has respectable numbers for both first timers and
    > overall. I don't have the stats for Oakbrook, but I believe
    > they have respectable pass rates as well. It's clearly a choice
    > each person has to make when choosing DL, and individual results
    > depend on individual efforts. If I had the dough and was just
    > starting out in DL I would choose Concord. I am a WCSL transfer-
    > out student myself, but not interested in completing work
    > already studied...Concord will make you complete at least 50&37;
    > with them. Don't be fooled an education from DL law schools
    > including Concord is not an accepted education among the higher
    > circles. You will be treated like an underling, you will defend
    > your education your entire career if it comes up among ABA
    > graduates. It is not equivalent to an ABA education.
    > Massachusetts does not approve of Concord DL education per se,
    > it depends on the individual merits. The ABA probably will
    > never accept an entirely online education in its present form.
    > You cannot get the same experience as a brick and mortar school
    > at a DL school. You make this choice at your own risk. I did
    > myself for two reasons 1. economic 2. flexibility. I am the
    > breadwinner of a wife and kids, I have a high level job that
    > requires several hours overtime, I cannot attend a fixed
    > schedule at a brick and mortar. I was accepted to a 1st tier
    > ABA school, but had no choice unless I wanted to give up my
    > salary and live with my family in an RV or something. It's an
    > uphill battle no matter which way you look at it. A DL graduate
    > has very little chance of even becoming a DA, and I wouldn't
    > want that pay cut anyway. 3rd Tier ABA graduates even have a
    > hard time finding employment as an attorney. You have even less
    > chance than them, the accredited, and the unaccredited law
    > schools. You will have to build your own practice, be very good
    > at networking, and find a mentor to help you practice law. Good
    > Luck!
    > As far as a defamation/libel suit it's probably more headache
    > than it's worth to file one, it's even more moot to argue one
    > here with all of the wannabe lawyers who haven't passed the bar
    > themselves arguing their sides. If there are any practicing
    > lawyer's here they are really wasting time arguing against DL
    > law school, and my sense is they are insecure somehow that a DL
    > graduate poses some economic threat to them, and of course they
    > need to defend themselves. Listen to the oral arguments in the
    > Massachusetts case of the Concord student you'll hear the same
    > undertones from the bar examiner. He goes just short of calling
    > the Concord graduate an idiot outright. It's what you will face
    > as a DL graduate. However, researching a potential suit might
    > be a good exercise in trial advocacy or moot court if you wanted
    > to pursue it off of this board. But the case probably has a
    > snowball's chance in he!! of success in any case.
    > On 1/27/09, Well, not quite wrote:
    >> Actual pass rates from the Bar Statistics are:
    >> October 2008 BB passing rates:
    >> WCSL 29&37;
    >> Concord 14&37;
    >> Taft 17&37;
    >> For both 2008 Bar Exams passing rates:
    >> WCSL 27&37;
    >> Concord 30&37;
    >> Taft 19&37;
    >> Not a lot of difference between the "Harvard" of distance
    >> learning and the poor step child except that the student
    >> walks away with a lot more money in the pocket. Interesting
    >> what happens when the facts instead of emotion are brought
    >> to light.
    >> On 1/27/09, ABA graduate wrote:
    >>> No, it does not.
    >>> Concord, Taft and NWCU have a much
    >>> better Bar pass rate and MORE practicing
    >>> attorneys admitted to the Calif Bar then WCSL
    >>> has or ever will have.
    >>> On 1/27/09, Argo wrote:
    >>>> When one looks at the actual bar pass rate statistics,
    >>>> considering the short time WCSL has been in existence and
    >>>> the relatively small number of students it has, it has a
    >>>> better bar pass rate than many other CA correspondence/DL
    >>>> law schools. Facts are facts.

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