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    Re: Socratic Method

    Posted by atty on 2/04/09

    Right on point. I also believe that the Socratic Method is
    pure waste of time. I remember most students in my class used
    to check emails or browse the Internet during the class. Only
    a few used to participate in the discussions. These students
    (I was among one of them most of the time) were in the class
    because the attendance was required (and I am talking about
    one of the top ranking schools). I always learned through self

    On 2/03/09, Iggyrip wrote:
    > One of the previous posts, mentioned their school taught
    > by the Socratic Method. This stirred some past memories
    > and I thought I would kick this around to see how people
    > felt about it.
    > I spent a year at a Cal Bar arroved school who taught by
    > the Socratic Method. I thought it was a waste of time. Too
    > much time discussing cases and not enough time learning
    > the law and how to write an essay. It has it's place, but
    > I believe that law can be taught in a more efficient
    > manner. Case in point: After law school, just about
    > everyone attends a bar review to learn the law (or what
    > was forgotten) and how to write for the exam. There is no
    > Socratic Method teaching in bar review. Why do law schools
    > continue to teach this way? Tradition? Or it is really the
    > best way to teach law?
    > Does anyone agree?
    > Iggy

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