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    Re: Think again Please

    Posted by Interested fellow on 2/05/09

    I think that is a well setttled american
    way. "Disclosure", "warnings", "condition precedents" and so
    on. I very much agree karen,
    you are very intelligent.

    On 2/05/09, Karen wrote:
    > T aft Law School and Concord offer Federal Student Aid. So
    > anyone who has the ability can become an attorney.
    > But I do think that the Bar should allow schools to operate
    > so long as they make proper disclosures.
    > On 2/05/09, Felix wrote:
    >> It would be a shame if any schools had to close. They
    >> serve the economically challenged and those whom have
    >> money. There are also some with people (special ones) with
    >> money that could also take advantage of the programs.
    >> There is a free choice in the this country and people whom
    >> have lost their blood and limbs fighting to keep that
    >> choice alive. And no I do not support war I abhor it.
    >> We were taken from our warm homes (trained) and sent 12000
    >> miles to kill. No Choice just federal prison or kill. How
    >> can any one possible object to these "bare bones" schools

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