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    Re: Cal Bar + unaccredited schools

    Posted by Newport on 2/09/09

    Probably not, not cuz of the state bar
    but because of competition from better schools.

    On 2/09/09, Corrine wrote:
    > What about Newport? You didn't mention that on your list?
    > They've been around for awhile too. Do you think they will
    > last?
    > On 2/07/09, aba grad wrote:
    >> In the end about 6 correspondence law
    >> schools with survive.
    >> Northwestern Calif
    >> Concord
    >> Taft
    >> California School of Law
    >> Oakbrook
    >> California Southern University
    >> The they
    >> should be !
    >> Next in line......elimination of
    >> the Executive Juris Doctor degree !
    >> On 2/07/09, Iggyrip wrote:
    >>> Now that the Cal Bar is involved with overseeing
    >>> unaccredited law schools, perhaps those in operation will
    >>> improve. I think this is a good thing. If an unaccredited
    >>> law school is not Cal Bar approved, at least it meets the
    >>> Cal Bar's minimum guidelines for operation. Already, one
    >>> of California's oldest unaccredited law schools, Pacific
    >>> Coast University, has been granted provisional approval by
    >>> the Cal Bar. I think they saw the writing on the wall.
    >>> Maybe, schools like Concord and Taft may get a chance at
    >>> Cal Bar approval.

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