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    Re: Non-Bar JD not Going Away

    Posted by atty on 2/07/09

    they should change the name the non-bar JD to JDS (aka JD for Stupids)
    or JDL (JD for losers). I mean, bathroom tissue is more useful than a
    non-bar JD. Why would someone want to waste 4 years and good sum of
    money for a non-bar JD? either a stupid with IQ < 65 or a complete
    loser, true?

    On 2/07/09, Mydea wrote:
    > Sorry Mr. ABA grad,
    > I hate to burst your bubble, but the non-bar J.D. is not going away.
    > In fact they could spread to every state, you'll see why I say that
    > within one year or so. I also predict more non-bar law programs and
    > correspondence law schools in California and other states. A non-bar
    > J.D. totally legal and approved by government. That will probably
    > make Mr. ABA grad sick to his stomach, but oh well he'll have to
    > deal with it.
    > Here's a clue Mr. ABA grad....look to the past you'll find your
    > manswer in history and government.
    > On 2/07/09, ABA grad wrote:
    >> Because a non-bar executive J.D. degree
    >> de-values a real J.D. degree.
    >> I worked hard for my degrees in life
    >> and phony degrees in circulation are
    >> are a disgrace for those that earned
    >> real degrees.
    >> On 2/07/09, sine qua wrote:
    >>> if you are truly a lawyer, then why do you care about a non-bar
    >>> degree...? that's like a pro baseball player trying to stop a
    >>> softball game... unless your not really a pro baseball player
    >>> and maybe just a tee baller...
    >>> On 2/07/09, aba grad rides again wrote:
    >>>> Celebrate the closure of West Coast.
    >>>> If your truely want correspondence
    >>>> law schools to succeed then celebrate
    >>>> the Calif State bar and their vision
    >>>> to separate the good from the bad.
    >>>> now on to eliminating the executive
    >>>> non-bar JD degree ! !
    >>>> I got so much more work to do, lol

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