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    Post: Most ABA schools are a rip off

    Posted by Iggyrip on 2/08/09

    I am all for ABA schools, and would go to one if they were
    not so damn expensive. My local schools cost about
    $100,000 to attend. That is a rip off. Further, after
    paying $100,000 for your degree, you still have to attend
    bar review if you want to pass the bar. You would think
    that for the price, they would at least prepare their
    students for the bar. Most public schools offer reasonable
    tuition, but even they are getting expensive. What is the
    justification for the cost? Hell, an intelligent person
    could attend bar review courses for a year or two and be
    ready for the bar. I realize most have no choice, but, an
    ABA legal education is just out of reach for many people
    and not worth the money. Especially, in California where
    there are so many options to qualify for the bar.

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