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    Re: Bar Exam (Tomorrow)

    Posted by -- on 2/25/09

    The MBE portion of the Bar Exam has changed. Everyone I talked
    today said the questions were a different style than the practice
    questions in the BRI/BRI, the PMBR, or the old test questions that
    the National Council of Bar Examiners sells.

    Gone are the single fact patterns that two or more questions are
    based on. Also gone are the questions that give you a choice of
    multiple answers provided in the question. i.e.;

    (1) only I
    (2) I & II
    (3) I & III
    (4) only III
    (5) None of the answers.

    The new MBE questions are much harder than the previous exam
    questions I have seen. I'm still very optimistic I passed but
    there were lots of very depressed people today after the exam.

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