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    Re: Is Concord Worth the Price?

    Posted by Linda on 4/21/09

    Your point is a good one. But don't only look at one exam.
    The bar requirements that all schools disclose five years of
    results. If you look at the two prior exams you'll see that
    both Concord and Taft out performed Northwestern.

    On 4/21/09, Carrie wrote:
    > If you can't pass the FYLSX, your not going to make it to
    > the bar.
    > Most recent statistics (Oct 2008)
    > Oakbrook 61.1&37;
    > California School of Law 22.2&37;
    > Northwest California U of Law: 58 took 12 passed 21&37;
    > Expensive)
    > Taft: 35 took 5 passed 17&37;
    > Concord: 196 took 28 passed 14.3&37; (Most Expensive)
    > Abraham Lincoln 10.1&37;

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