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    Re: Is Concord Worth the Price?

    Posted by ok look at that... on 4/21/09

    you may be right as I have not corroborated your info, but
    surely you can see the devil is in the details, at one point in
    time someone was touting on here a 50% pass rate of a school
    which has since been shut down.

    their argument for the 50% pass rate (while factual) was 2
    people took the test and 1 passed, again this is factual but in
    a more accurate sampling of Concord, I am sorry but, 196 people
    took that test and only 28 passed, forget percentages, that
    seems alarming to me...

    say what you will, if I am paying as much to go to Concord as an
    ABA school, you better bring better numbers than that.

    Concord strikes at the worst of two human emotions while not
    delivering the results, which for them are hard to deliver.
    they sell themself as a LS that almost isn't a DL to lure people
    in, while it is in fact a DL, then you make them feel superior,
    because even the most ignorant of people are scratching their
    heads at the costs, but yet to fault of Concord the very ideal
    they are selling encompasses an education in which a professor
    can not and does not require assignments and some of the other
    requirements of brick and mortar school.

    So basically people are paying to pretend that they are going to
    a more "real" law school. while there has yet to emerge a real
    benefit to the costs.

    At least a Mercedes or Harvard can boast several tangible and
    intangible benefits for their exorbitant costs.

    but then there will always be those who feel they must justify.

    On 4/21/09, Linda wrote:
    > Your point is a good one. But don't only look at one exam.
    > The bar requirements that all schools disclose five years of
    > results. If you look at the two prior exams you'll see that
    > both Concord and Taft out performed Northwestern.
    > On 4/21/09, Carrie wrote:
    >> If you can't pass the FYLSX, your not going to make it to
    >> the bar.
    >> Most recent statistics (Oct 2008)
    >> Oakbrook 61.1&37;
    >> California School of Law 22.2&37;
    >> Northwest California U of Law: 58 took 12 passed 21&37;
    > (Least
    >> Expensive)
    >> Taft: 35 took 5 passed 17&37;
    >> Concord: 196 took 28 passed 14.3&37; (Most Expensive)
    >> Abraham Lincoln 10.1&37;

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