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    Re: Get real people- they are all unaccredited and the same

    Posted by Res Ipsa Loco on 4/22/09

    I agree with Pierre. Where I went to school had absolutely no
    bearing on me passing the baby bar, and will not have a
    bearing on how I do on the bar (I was at West Coast for the
    baby bar and am at NWCU Law for the bar in 2011). When it
    comes down to it, I really don't care where I went to school,
    as long as I can sit for the Feb. 2011 general bar exam. When
    I see you in court, it won't matter if you were a UCLA
    graduate, Concord graduate, or whatever. All that matters is
    that you are an attorney (unless you want the 80-hours a week
    corporate lawyer thing--you can keep it as far as Im
    concerned--I don't want it. Besides, look at all the lawyers
    from top firms getting laid off now...

    I think learning the law is relative: to each his/her own.

    Gotta go work on my outline for remedies (easy, cuz I learned
    most of it in torts/contracts during the first year because I
    learned it the best way: myself). Tomorrow I start my
    evidence outline.

    Res Ipsa Loco

    On 4/21/09, Pierre wrote:
    > Taft, Concord, Northwestern California, etc. They are all
    > unaccredited (by ABA and CA Bar standards) and will get
    > you to the bar. Pay more if you want, but, when all is
    > said and done, you will still have a degree from an
    > unaccredited law school which will limit your job
    > prospects and not be taken seriously in the legal world.
    > Online law schools provide the opportunity to obtain a
    > J.D., take the bar, and become an attorney. What you pay
    > for your education is an individual decision, but when it
    > comes down to it, they are really all the same.

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