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    Posted by DETC website on 6/22/09

    Go to the DETC website, they posted accredited schools
    list for 2009-2010, published as of June 9, 2009 and
    Abe Lincoln School of Law is NOT listed.

    They did not make DETC accreditation !!!!!

    On 6/19/09, Not Today wrote:
    > Oh dummy, I take it you want to be
    > a lawyer someday: The way one verifies
    > accreditation of a school is to actually
    > talk to the accreditation agency, and, lol,
    > you want to be a lawyer, man, I cant believe
    > the intelligence of some of the posters here!
    > On 6/19/09, Karen wrote:
    >> I know it's hard to believe, but some schools actually make false
    >> representations on their websites.
    >> On 6/18/09, Nope they are not accredited. wrote:
    >>> Gee, for ALU to tell students or potential
    >>> a violation of the rules of DETC, the accrediting
    >>> body.
    >>> For those of you too lazy or who relay on this
    >>> site for your "information" any law school that
    >>> is accredited will say so on THEIR WEBSITE.
    >>> Dont ask people here, check the school's website !
    >>> On 6/18/09, Karen wrote:
    >>>> Wow, I'm stunned. Lincoln has been saying for months that this
    >>>> was going to happen.
    >>>> Karen
    >>>> On 6/17/09, ALU is NOT accredited wrote:
    >>>>> It is NOT accredited.
    >>>>> On 6/17/09, Linda wrote:
    >>>>>> Does anyone know if ALU is now accredited?
    >>>>>> On 4/29/09, Mel wrote:
    >>>>>>> Look for the announcment in June. Sign up now for lower
    >>>>>>> rates.

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