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    Re: Online Law School

    Posted by Marky Mark on 7/13/09

    NWCU actually has chats weekly--both video and in chatrooms
    with the professors. It is not mandatory, though. If you have
    somewhere to be, you don't have to participate. There are
    always at least a dozen students in the chats I have
    participated in since I have been a student.

    They have been around just as long if not longer than Taft. I
    think Taft and NWCU are the best bets for the price. If money
    is not an option, though, go to Concord (it has lots of bells
    and whistles).

    Marky Mark

    On 7/12/09, Barb in Georgia wrote:
    > Okay... I am in my 40's and have been considering law
    > school for a long time (20 years). I took LSAT 4 years ago
    > and did horribly. I have been in the legal profession
    > (paralegal) for 18 years. My Bachelor's Degree GPA is 3.69.
    > However, because of the low LSAT, I could not get into
    > either of the 2 law schools in Georgia that have evening
    > programs. One of them, John Marshall, even lost its ABA
    > accreditation.
    > So now I am researching the online law schools. I know I
    > cannot sit for the Bar in Georgia if I go to an online law
    > school but I am a CA native and may go back.
    > So, what I have found is that Concord will cost me $40,000
    > by the time I am done. Their percentages look pathetic.
    > They come across as some great online law school, but their
    > numbers say differently. I mean, they have the same status
    > as any other correspondence law school. What am I getting
    > for $40,000?
    > I had looked into California School of Law, but they just
    > started in 2007 so they don't have a Bar pass rate and what
    > happens if they don't get another 5 year renewal. They are
    > $6,000 a year but what I like about them is that you have
    > to attend online class 2 nights a week for 3 hours. At
    > least you get some classroom instruction without having to
    > go to an actual class.
    > I am considering NWCU because of price and the fact they
    > have been around a while.
    > I finished my BS degree online and I am working on my
    > Masters in Law and Public Policy online (both at
    > accreddited colleges) but it just doesn't make sense to
    > rack up the debt for a Master's Degree when I know it is a
    > law deree I want and I can do that without racking up debt.
    > I do not work full-time so I have the time to spend
    > studying, I just want to know which online school would be
    > money well spent.
    > Thanks!

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