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    Re: Online Law School

    Posted by passer on 7/13/09

    I went to NWCU and recently passed the bar on the first try.
    I think it's a great way to get a law license if you are
    self-motivated. You get more than what you pay for as far as
    instruction, because the tuition is only around 3k/year. The
    other side of that coin is that the quality of instruction is
    not great. I thought the assignments were inefficient in
    terms of learning the material. Still, overall I thought it
    was a great value and I am very grateful to them for existing.

    On 7/12/09, Barb in Georgia wrote:
    > Okay... I am in my 40's and have been considering law
    > school for a long time (20 years). I took LSAT 4 years ago
    > and did horribly. I have been in the legal profession
    > (paralegal) for 18 years. My Bachelor's Degree GPA is 3.69.
    > However, because of the low LSAT, I could not get into
    > either of the 2 law schools in Georgia that have evening
    > programs. One of them, John Marshall, even lost its ABA
    > accreditation.
    > So now I am researching the online law schools. I know I
    > cannot sit for the Bar in Georgia if I go to an online law
    > school but I am a CA native and may go back.
    > So, what I have found is that Concord will cost me $40,000
    > by the time I am done. Their percentages look pathetic.
    > They come across as some great online law school, but their
    > numbers say differently. I mean, they have the same status
    > as any other correspondence law school. What am I getting
    > for $40,000?
    > I had looked into California School of Law, but they just
    > started in 2007 so they don't have a Bar pass rate and what
    > happens if they don't get another 5 year renewal. They are
    > $6,000 a year but what I like about them is that you have
    > to attend online class 2 nights a week for 3 hours. At
    > least you get some classroom instruction without having to
    > go to an actual class.
    > I am considering NWCU because of price and the fact they
    > have been around a while.
    > I finished my BS degree online and I am working on my
    > Masters in Law and Public Policy online (both at
    > accreddited colleges) but it just doesn't make sense to
    > rack up the debt for a Master's Degree when I know it is a
    > law deree I want and I can do that without racking up debt.
    > I do not work full-time so I have the time to spend
    > studying, I just want to know which online school would be
    > money well spent.
    > Thanks!

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