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    Re: Concerned about attendance

    Posted by David on 7/17/09

    Under the ADA your law school will be required to make a
    reasonable accommidation to address your medical needs. First
    you should check the Student Handbook of your law school.
    There is probably already an established policy. If not,
    contact the ADA coordinator for the school. Under Federal
    law, the school is required to have such a person.

    The ABA has guidelines on attendance requirements but allows
    for exceptions. If you read Bill Clinton's bio he rarely
    attended classes his last year at Yale.

    As to how attendance might impact your grade, it's really up
    to the professor.

    On 7/16/09, friend wrote:
    > On 7/16/09, Stephanie wrote:
    >> I was accepted to law school and plan to go to a school in
    >> the fall that's about 4 hours away from home. This would
    >> normally be no problem, except i'll have to travel home
    >> either once or twice a month for medical treatment - and
    >> doctors don't work on saturdays. my previous treatments
    >> have always been on a wednesday, so it's likely i would be
    >> missing like wednesday afternoon and possibly thursday
    >> morning classes, depending on how i felt afterwards, and
    >> if i was able to drive back. i can obviously arrange a lot
    >> of treatments for vacations, etc., but im concerned i
    >> might have to miss 4 or so classes during hte semester.
    >> What is the attendance policy like in law school? do you
    >> have to attend every single class? and are professors more
    >> lenient if you tell them it's for health reasons, and you
    >> can prove it?
    > You will not likely be allowed to finish an ABA law school
    > curriculum if you miss two or more days a month, every
    > month. Check what the minimum ABA class attendance hours are
    > per term. If your school fails to adhere to ABA
    > requirements, they could lose their accreditation.
    > Explore your options for treatment near the location of your
    > law school.

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