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    Post: West Coast School of Law has been treated unfairly

    Posted by Student Eric M. on 8/11/09

    To anyone who might be wondering, Mr. David Stallings,
    Dean of the West Coast School of Law, ran an outstanding
    program that provided an economic and independent means
    for intelligent adults to earn a law degree and license.
    Mr. Stallings himself is a model of how it can and should
    be done. I devoted three years to his program and passed
    the Baby Bar on the first try. So Mr. Stallings and his
    School must have been doing something right.

    It is an absolute disservice to current and future law
    students that the State Bar has revoked the school's
    approved status so abruptly and summarily as it has done.
    It is especially unfair to prevent current students like
    myself from now completing the four years of study
    required to take the Bar exam; not to mention the hardship
    it must cause Mr. Stallings and his family to have his
    business shutdown like this.

    Mr. Stallings, if you are reading this, I would be happy
    to provide you with any student testimonial or letter of
    reference you might require to assist you in regaining
    approved status with the CA State Bar Office of
    Admissions. I also wish you the best in recovering from
    your recent stroke and pray that our State Bar will
    endeavor to treat you more humanely and fairly. In my
    opinion you are a great attorney and an educational
    visionary. Best wishes to you and your family.

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