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    Post: E. Pilot, E. M.D., or Warlock?

    Posted by drofn10zt on 10/31/09

    After I finishing my E.GED, I plan to become either an E.
    Pilot or an E. M.D.. Of course, I won't actually be able to
    fly a plane, or practice medicine, and both programs cost
    $20,000, but it's really about my love of knowledge and
    advancing my career by getting out of my parents' basement.

    I was wondering if I could get a suggestion from some of
    you out there who have done this type of thing. Are their
    any other E. Pilots or E. M.D.'s out there who could offer
    some advice??

    P.S. If neither of these ideas work out I was thinking of
    signing up for a World of Warcraft account and becoming a

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