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    Re: E. Pilot, E. M.D., or Warlock?

    Posted by Mary on 12/09/09

    There is something similar to the Executive JD in medicine.
    It's called the PhD in medicine. They're called doctor but
    are legally unable to treat patients.


    On 10/31/09, drofn10zt wrote:
    > After I finishing my E.GED, I plan to become either an E.
    > Pilot or an E. M.D.. Of course, I won't actually be able to
    > fly a plane, or practice medicine, and both programs cost
    > $20,000, but it's really about my love of knowledge and
    > advancing my career by getting out of my parents'
    > I was wondering if I could get a suggestion from some of
    > you out there who have done this type of thing. Are their
    > any other E. Pilots or E. M.D.'s out there who could offer
    > some advice??
    > P.S. If neither of these ideas work out I was thinking of
    > signing up for a World of Warcraft account and becoming a
    > Warlock...

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