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    Post: please help regarding criminal law

    Posted by Anonymous on 5/17/10

    I am currently part of a drug-treatment/probationary program
    called Drug Court through my county in New Jersey. I was
    placed on this program after I was convicted of a felon,
    that was the result of drug abuse. The program consists of
    strict guidelines that must be followed. These include,
    mandatory drug treatment, mandatory NA/AA meetings weekly,
    and several Immuno-Assay urine screenings weekly. My
    question is the following: I was drug tested last week at my
    Outpatient Treatment provider and my urine creatinine levels
    came back as low. This usually points to an attempt to
    dilute or adulterate one's urine. I in no way attempted to
    dilute my urine whatsoever, and was oblivious to the fact
    that my urine levels had been low. The next day I went into
    the probation office and was given a drug screen, again a
    Urine Analysis, but was unable to urinate. I attempted to
    drink water to make myself go to the bathroom, and was
    unsuccessful so I drank more. When I was finally able to go
    to the bathroom, I went to the back and urinated. After
    urinating, the program supervisor informed me that he was
    sending my urine out to the lab and that if it came back as
    diluted I would be receiving a sanction (a 30 day County
    Jail sentence). I told him that I had been drinking water to
    get myself to go to the bathroom, and he told me that this
    was against the rules and procedures of the program. I told
    him I had nothing to hide and asked him to please test me
    using a hair test, as this method can detect drug use up to
    90 days back. He told me he was not interested in this, and
    that actions bear consequences. My question is, is this
    legal? Isn't it my right to be retested and to have them
    test me using another method? Will a lawyer be able to help
    me in this case? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again!

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