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    Re: Distance law schools

    Posted by Cindy on 7/03/11

    Thank you for the great response! It clarifies many things for me!


    On 6/30/11, VP wrote:
    > On 6/26/11, Cindy wrote:
    >> Does anyone out there have any comments or experiences (good or
    >> bad) concerning Northwestern Cal School of Law, American
    >> Heritage Law, or University of Honolulu? I am attracted to the
    >> tuition price since I don't have an abundance of monetary
    >> resources. I am considering attending distance law school and
    >> would appreciate any comments. I graduated UNLV with a 3.0, and
    >> am currently working full-time. So I'm interested in part-time
    >> studies.
    >> Thanks.
    >> Cindy
    >> Reno, NV
    > Cindy,
    > I am also doing my research on law schools. In doing so, there are
    > three difference "types" of law schools: ABA approved, State-Bar
    > accredited/approved, or State-Bar registered school.
    > THERE IS NO "GOOD" AND "BAD" PER SEY. Your circumstances, goals,
    > and objectives will dictate the "right school" for you. Needless
    > to say, law schools that are ABA approved is more costly. In CA,
    > tuition for ABA approved schools is roughly $35-45K per year (not
    > including fees, books, and other expenses). However, with ABA
    > approval "stamp" (more or less), you will be eligible to sit for
    > the Bar exam anywhere in the U.S.
    > Now, as for State-Bar accreditation - the rules are different for
    > each state and you should do your research. In CA, the California
    > Bar Examiner (State-Bar) has the authority to confer J.D. degrees
    > upon completion of the program. Graduates are eligible to sit in
    > the CA Bar Exam (GBX) ONLY - Meaning, if I move out of CA, and
    > want to practice law, I may have to start over (there are
    > exception to the rule). Tuition for state-bar approved is cheaper
    > than ABA approved schools.
    > Now, the third type: distance learning, fix-facility, and
    > correspondance. The GREAT thing about this is that tuition is low.
    > In fact, tuition at Cal Southern University Law School (online) is
    > only about $25K for the entire 4 year part-time study.
    > However, there is a catch. After completing your 1L (first year)
    > courses, you MUST PASS THE FYLSX (First Year Law Student Exam,
    > aka "Baby Bar") within 3 attempts or you will be dismissed from
    > the JD program. This is only for "state-bar" registered schools.
    > Also, it is important to check for the school's accreditation
    > (e.g. national, DETC, regional, etc).
    > Hope this helps!
    > VP

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